My name is Neon, AKA Neonchu on the web. The name comes from my favorite Pokemon, Raichu, and my internet name, Neon. I am 15 years old.

Coding was never my strong suit, but I am an artist and a writer. Most of my writings are at my Toyhouse @Neonchu.

Here, I will talk about music, games, things I enjoy, and my life. As well as fanpages for my favorite things. Currently this site has been in devlopment hell because I'm not so good at coding, and I always have ideas for new layouts for my page. Hopefully this will be the one I'll stick with for a while. (BUT WHO KNOWS!?)


4/3: New layout...again. Hopefully this layout will be last layout I'll use in a bit. I also changed my name to Neonchu, because I'm starting to dislike my name Geneticoyote. Also my fursona is NOT a coyote, he is a cat. So I dunno why I chose that.


eventually they will be put here LOL